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What will I do if I don’t get any tuition after registering on the site ?

However, we assure you that you can get ample tuition opportunities based on your availability, but in rare cases, discrepancies may occur in the following circumstances:

• The information provided in your profile is not a detailed one or does not have sufficient information.

• Incomplete profile

• Very less number of subjects to choose from

In such a case, you have to complete your profile in all respects once again. Incomplete profiles don’t attract visitors. So, make sure you update your profile and fill in all particulars. 

To receive a good number of students, you have to choose your segment and subjects carefully. Limiting to only a few subjects may lead to very few inquiries. Try listing the number of subjects which you can teach and are comfortable with. 

Make cards, write blogs, upload study notes, share your topic-specific videos, display presentation slides and be active to earn more points. The higher points lead you to higher tag which will help you to improve your ranking. 

If you still face any kind of difficulty or if you have any kind of query, you can always reach to our help desk or contact at