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How do the card's functions work?

Skill card describes tutor's expertise in any particular subject that he/she has enough knowledge about that subject. Skill card shows tutor expertise and interested students can book a tutor accordingly. 

Free card gives tutors an opportunity to share their skills and talent to other users for first free lesson. Free card option gives a student an option to book a free lesson from a tutor for first 30 to 60 mins. It will help student to check tutor teaching style, familiar with tutor assent, and see how you feel about the tutor’s style in order for you to share your study doubts with tutor. 

Package card gives an overview of offer or packages that tutor want to offer. Package card are where tutors can display their quantity of lesson/s price in one card. Tutor can explain about total number of lessons, hours and duration to finish package card.