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How can I improve my tutor’s profile?

Below are some of the steps which you can enhance your tutor’s profile and can attract viewers:

• The first thing is to improve upon your tutor’s profile is to complete the profile in full. You can find the “About Me” section, where you need to write about yourself. You can start with the subjects which you can teach and in which you are proficient. The first thing that the visitors to our site do is to check your profile. So please make sure your profile says a lot about you as a tutor.  A well written and detailed profile about yourself is what can make you set apart from the rest. 

• The second thing to do is to make your profile look attractive by uploading a recent photograph of yourself. The photograph should be a professional-looking picture.  However, uploading a photo gives your profile a face, reliability and someone whom they can relate to. 

• Next is to update your educational qualifications. Apart from writing about your educational qualification and experience of teaching, you can attach your latest academic certificates and experience certificate as well to prove the authenticity of your profile.

• Some other aspect which you need to fill is to mention the languages in which you are proficient in, the skills which you hold, your current location, whether you are comfortable in teaching online or in-person and the hourly rate which you will charge from the students for educating them.

• Reviews play an important part in enhancing your profile to the next level. A profile which has got a lot of good reviews can fetch a good number of prospective students compared to the profile with not so good reviews. Make sure you ask your students to leave their feedback and reviews after completion of the class where they can share their learning experience with you.

Most importantly, make sure your profile is complete in all respects. Leaving any section blank can reduce your profile’s credibility and consequently could result in lower visibility. Following the above mentioned points can ultimately help improve your profile.