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Ask any question and clear any of your doubts by raising an enquiry

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Decide upon your own budget depending upon your own choices

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There is no limit to your enquiries, ask as many queries as you want

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World seems very small as you get to connect with any medium you choose like online or face-to-face

Cards Features

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Free Cards

Showcases different offers made by different tutors to help them connect to their respective students.Students can choose different tutors based on their requirements and the variety of offers

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Skill Cards

These cards helps the student to understand them better based on the skills they are offering.Students can see their category,points and the prices of the tutors per hour

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Package Cards

The most fun part is to choose different tutors based on the packages they are offering. Packages helps you to make a better deal so that you are benefited more and more with the same budget

Profile Features
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Select and upload a profile
picture to showcase yourself

Earn Points
Earn Points

Earning more points gives you
better recognition


Getting a tag is the process
or fact of achieving something


Set you own price based
on your own expertise

Review System
Review System

Every tutor is being reviewed
for their performances

Teaching Medium
Teaching Medium

Choose your own learning
medium based on your
preferences like online or

Choose your slots to book

  • Depending on your preferences and tutors availability,slots can be chosen to take up the classes.

Select you Schedule

  • Choose a tutor by checking out the profile and available slots and set your schedule

Set your reminders

  • Get reminders for the upcoming classes and already finished classes.It helps you be intact with your schedule

Additional Benefits

Students can ask any questions and clear any of your doubts by raising an inquiry. Decide upon your budget depending upon your personal choices

Post a quick query

As you have a query,immediately post a query to get solutions to it and get it resolved

Multiple Replies

All the queries can get as many replies as the number of tutors liking and responding to it

Private Message

Private messaging can keep you anonymous if you don’t want to communicate in public

Low Pricing

Choose different price options based on budget with the options varying from high prices to low prices

Reward Points

Lets you earn reward points based on your performances and quality of your deliverables


Get notifications and alerts to make you aware of different activities getting performed

Course Features

Tutoring can help students reinforce their courses. Students will find many courses created by tutors and institutes which assists you to enhance your knowledge

About the Course

Description of the course and details are mentioned

Send Messages

Students and tutors can send a private message

Create a Course

Create a course based on your expertise and experience


Likes are given depending on the accuracy or deliverability

How we Work
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Join the student-friendly platform, by signing up as a student by following four simple steps and start posting your requirements

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Get a better connect with each other in the ever growing safe ,secure and reliable network

Quality Support

Quality support is what differentiates anyone from the rest

Welcome your Feedback

Always welcomes the feedback from your side which will help us to improve more and more in future


Large number of tutors having a considerable amount of experience are there to solve the queries

Greater Involvement

Assures you of hundred percent involvement with full query resolving and full satisfaction

Value your time

Valuing your time and effort is the key to grow a successful network


Passion is what takes you long way in anything you are doing.So being passionate in what we do is our way

Value for Money

Amount of money getting spent is completely justified as the doubts and queries are completely resolved