Why study notes are so important

Why study notes are so important

Many students find making notes a troublesome act. With proper study notes, studying and passing exams becomes easier and that too with good marks. More importantly, it makes learning more fun. A good example of an integral study habit that students must have is to make study notes. Studying has shown that writing whether done with pen or typing with keyboard bring into play different cognitive processes. It allows for increased learning as it develops thinking, reasoning, imagining and remembering.

Importance of note taking skills to a student

Students may have different ways of making notes, but it is always encouraged. With this habit, one is able to improve his ability to summarize information and comprehend. Studies show that students who find their lessons interesting are more likely to make more detailed study notes. 

Advantages of note taking

Making notes forces you to interpret everything to read into your own words so that you understand things better. There are times when students blankly read the entire page without understanding a single word, but if you are making notes, then your brain will try to squeeze meaning out of every single sentence which is beneficial for students. Study notes keep track of all the information they have learned. It acts as a ready referral to go through during preparing for exam time.

Writing notes while studying not only saves student’s energy and time during the exam, but it is an easier way to recall things in less time. Study notes not only help the students to cram up things, but they can write swiftly in the exam when they come prepared by reading their study notes. Listed below are some of the benefits of study notes.

Improve memory

Writing study notes on paper improve memory, allowing the students to study more when studying and reducing the chances of forgetting.

Study notes increase attention 

Practicing proper study note taking increases attention to detail as well as the focus of the students. Students who have good focus are more likely to do better in exams.

Top reason for note taking: Promotes learning

Making study notes stimulates that part of the brain that promotes learning. Like every muscle in the body, the brain can be trained to learn easily in order to absorb new and more information quickly.

You use more of your brain when you prepare study notes

When you write study notes while listening, you tend to make the notes by summarizing, editing and retaining only the most important information.

Increase attention span

With respect to learning, study notes also promote retention. While learning is an imperative part of tutoring, retention too is a necessary end goal. Making study notes promotes positive memory as well as the ability to retain information because the mind becomes an active component in studying. Not only does the students understand things better while writing in their own words and handwriting but they also retain it for a longer time.

Organize study material 

Making study notes passively increase the likelihood of the students to become more organized. Being organized allows students to prioritize tasks and to finish work on time. 

There are many benefits of study notes, but practicing proper note taking is a necessary skill which students should adapt in themselves.