Tutoring: Benefits of Working with QueryFloor

Tutoring: Benefits of Working with QueryFloor

1. Get involved with student’s inquiries:

Students on the website are going to raise inquiries. It is a crucial part of studying. As a tutor just have to simply provide satisfactory answers. It helps the students get an instant solution to the problem they are struggling with and you get to earn points with it. This is also going to enhance your problem-solving skills.

2. Set your own Schedule: 

Queryfloor gives you the opportunity to work at whatever time you need, from wherever you want to. You also have the opportunity to choose what work you need to take and how much work you wish to take. Additionally, the recurrence of the work can be chosen by the mentor. This turns out to be extremely useful when you need to work at specific hours of the day. On the off chance that you have some crisis when you can't work, you may consult with the client and reschedule. 

3. Beneficial Cards:

When working with Queryfloor you get to know so many additional ways by which you can attract a number of students from around the world. They offer various cards which can help you with that. They are briefly explained below: 

• Skill Card:

A tutor can post their pre-prepared lessons or topics on the website which can be sold online. Make sure the topic that you choose for this has detailed information and an easy to understand language, as it is going to be viewed by a large population of students.

• Free Lesson Card:

The tutor gets to choose if he wants to give a free lesson to the student. This will enable the child to get an experience of your method of teaching and you have an opportunity to get long-term work. This also helps the student to get comfortable with you and if your teaching is effective enough, the student is probably going to opt for the next class as well.

• Package cards:

There is an option on the website in which you can offer students to buy a package of sessions for which they will have to pay the rate you have decided for the specific number of sessions. This helps the students to get a number of classes at a discounted price and you get a constant flow of work at the rate that you choose. Your package deal can range from anywhere two sessions to any number that you want. It’s usually a good idea to offer students at least a five-session package. 

4. Make your own Profile:

With Queryfloor it’s so easy to make your profile and it is absolutely free as well. Just follow these simple steps and you’re done:

• Get your free registration done.

• Fill details in the form provided.

• Upload your recent image for your profile.

• Enter and upload your credentials.

• Decide your per hour session rate.

5. Reminders:

The website always sends you a reminder before and after the class. With so many things in mind, this feature can come in handy as it doesn’t let you forget about the scheduled class and when you have completed a session. 

6. Earn points:

When you perform any activity on the website, for each activity you can earn points and get a higher tag based on that particular work. These points are also showcased on your profile and as your score gets better, you get an improvement in your tag.

7. Get reviews for your work:

Students on the website are encouraged to write reviews after the class. This can help a tutor to gain more work in the future if their ratings and reviews are found to be positive. Additionally, if you do have a review from the student that is not that good, make sure you understand the problems they faced and improve on those skills as well.

8. Decide your mode of teaching: 

This feature on the website helps you to teach online as well as take home tuitions which are face to face. You have the freedom to choose just one option or both of them if you want.

9. Send messages: 

If you wish to talk to the student directly, they have a tool on the website that allows sending one to one messages. You can discuss the child’s difficulties or if you or the student would like to reschedule a particular class you can send messages through this messenger without sharing your personal number.

10. Boost and Credit:

You as the tutor have the option to get your profile highlighted and promoted on the first page. This will boost your profile and if you want a better tag you can buy additional points as well. The advantage is that your chances of getting work increases when your profile is showcased on the first page itself as the students tend to go through them first.

11. Promote more and earn more:

When you invite people, for example, students, other tutors or institutes and they register with the website you get to earn extra points as well which can be utilized for a number of additional benefits later on.

12. Share your experience:

 When you share your experience of teaching and any of the suggestions that you have for the website, you get additional points for it. The valuable feedback is always welcomed by the website so that we can improve as a family together. 

13. Check your status: 

The tutors have an access to their profile which has all the updated work. You can check the daily points that you earned, the monthly earnings report, as well as activities completed.

14. Membership options: 

The website helps you to provide services as per your needs and convenience. You have the option to choose from a number of memberships that will suit you and bring great benefits to you as a teacher. These membership options help you to gain quality support from the website.

15. Modify settings:

Tutors have the right to change and modify their profile settings. You can change the privacy, notification settings as per your needs. This also helps you with reminders, so that you are more aware of the activities that are being performed.

16. Write a blog:

The website encourages the tutors to write blogs. The blogs can be on any academic topic that you feel you have an in-depth knowledge about and will help the students in any way. This will benefit the tutor in a way that it will attract a number of students and your chances of receiving more work will get better.