Tips for solving math problem

Tips for solving math problem

Solving a math problem seems extremely difficult to some, while it is not so. The problem-solving skill is not something with which a person is born, but it is cultivated over time with the experience and constant practice. Although different math problems are solved differently, the general approach to solving any math problem can be same. Remember, solving or doing math develops our critical and analytical thinking skills, which helps us to a great extent in long run of life. 

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The basic difference between the amateur and experienced math problem solvers is that the experienced ones make a plan, take risks and are unafraid to raise questions. No particular or specified training can help any student to achieve 100% confidence in math problem solving, but there are some tips to help the self-motivated students to gain the best results. The best tips for solving math problems are: 

1. Maths theory: 

Most of the students start the practice by solving the example problems. However, this is not the proper way to start. The correct way is to read the theories. If you resolve the current problem efficiently, you feel that this is the way to go about solving the problems, but if the questions get twisted, you will not be able to solve it without theory. 

2. Read the maths problem carefully:

When you go about solving the problem without reading it correctly or read only half of it, you probably make a mistake. You end up doing something else. So to solve a math problem, reading and re-reading the question is the key to start. 

3. After reading, develop maths understanding:

If we are an attentive reader, our reading and understanding go hand-in-hand, but if we are not, we need to make a basic understanding of the problem in mind. Try to understand the problem by asking some specific questions to yourself like what is required to be found, what is given, which theory applies in this context, and which formula is best to be used. 

4.  Maths diagram formation: 

If you are presented with a set of data to deal with, it is always best to make or draw a rough diagram with the help of the data. Once you develop the habit of making a diagram, you will find it very easy to solve any problem with the help of it. Make a rough sketch to start with a math problem-solving. 

5. Finally, solve the maths:

Now, when you are done with the theory, reading, understanding and data relation, now it is the time to solve it. This may again be a rough procedure. At this stage you should not look into your notebooks for a solution or hint, instead, try to correlate the things to find a proper solution. Become an efficient math problem solver by practicing more and more. 

6. Check the maths solution: 

Rechecking of any mathematical solution is very important. It is a much-known fact that whenever we solve a problem, we feel that we are on the right track, and the solution we are deriving is perfect, but when we recheck we mostly find mistakes. So recheck your derivation or solution. For rechecking, you can take help of an online math tutor. 

7. Solve similar maths problems to build confidence:

Merely solving the math problem of a kind just once will not build self-confidence that you can do it again and again. Once you do it, move on to the similar problems and solve them. The more you practice to solve the same problem, the more confidence you get. For practice, you can refer to the math problem solver and hire a math tutor online to monitor your math practice and guide you accordingly. 

8. Practice mental Maths and math shortcuts to get fast success:

The present time asks for multi-tasking skills and agility. To solve the Math problems fast, now-a-day school and colleges emphasize mental math teaching. Mental math is nothing but a collection of technique. These techniques are based on either visualization or algebraic manipulation which helps in solving the large arithmetic problems quickly and efficiently. It reduces the possibility of algebraic computational errors. There are many math tutors that can help you with this. 

The mental math tricks mostly deal with addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fraction, decimals, squares, square roots, integer roots, etc. Let me give you an example. Is it challenging to add high numbers to the head?

Suppose, you want to add two number 648 and 236 in the head. The easiest way is to round them up in the multiples of 10. So 648 becomes 650 and 236 become 240.

Now add 240 and 650. The total is 890. Now, find out, how much is added to the numbers for rounding them. 

650-648 = 2 and 240-236 = 4

Now add 2 and 4. The total is 6. 

To find the final answer, subtract 6 from the 890. 

890-6 = 884

So you have now got the answer as 884

Let me show you one more example to understand better. How to square a two digit number in mind that ends with 5? Suppose you want to find out the square of a two digit number 95. The process to do it is to designate the last two digits of the solution as 25. Now, in the second step, take the first digit of the problem number. In the case of 95, it is 9. Now multiply this with an integer which is one higher than it. In case of 9, the just higher integer is 10, so multiply 9 by 10, and you get 90. 

Now put 90 and 25 together to get the answer as 9,025. Isn’t it easy? The square root of any two digit number with 5 at the end can be found in this way. 

All this, when written, seems complicated, but it makes the solution of the problem in mind quite simply. This is just one example. There are endless math tricks to solve math problems fast. You must practice them well to get the best and quick results.


As said, “The roots of education are bitter, but its fruits are sweet.” The same applies to the math problem-solving. At first glance, the problem solving seems complicated, but once you develop an attitude and method, you will find it easy to solve any problem with ease. If you do not miss any math class and practice regularly, I am sure you will be best. 

Approach any good private math tutor or online math tutor to help you with your practice and problems. Do not look at the key for math answers; this will not help you in the long run. Instead, solve more and more math puzzles, use math tricks, math reflex, math help to get an understanding. Math problems are not problems, but a solution to the real world problems, keep that in mind.  If you are still not confident, get some math homework help or math tuition.