Tips and tricks for doing geometry homework

Tips and tricks for doing geometry homework

Math is not so difficult subject but it certainly makes the students disinterested. Tips and tricks for doing geometry homework .pngGeometry includes theorems, formulas, shapes, angles and much more. Doing geometry homework is always a tricky and confusing thing for students.

They have to first understand the concepts of geometry, theorems, and formulas after which they can do homework in a better way. But, today there are many tips and tricks to learn geometry lessons faster and better. They are as follows:

i.)    Save time

Time is an important concept in doing geometry problems. Saving time will help you to understand the subject in depth. For learning geometry lessons properly, you have to Geometry problems.pngprepare a schedule for each problem. Set a timer and solve the maximum geometry problems which you can.

ii.)    Find a peaceful place

Geometry is the subject which can be done in a peaceful environment. Geometric theorems need to be understood step by step. So, it is advisable to find a silent place without disturbance for doing geometry math. 

iii.)    Get the right tools

Geometry needs right tools such as divider, compass and other instruments. You should also keep a plastic ruler with you while solving high school geometry. These Geometry tools.pngtools will help in learning geometry shapes, basics, and other formulas in an easy manner.

iv.)    Online websites and videos

There are numerous websites which provide you geometry homework help. Some of the best tutors from reputed colleges and universities will give you tips and tricks to get mastery in geometry lessons. You can get various steps for solving geometry problems.

v.)    Make a list of important tasks

For excelling in geometry math, you have to learn first the basics of the subject. You Geometry learning tips.pngcan first take the easy chapters of geometry and then jump on the difficult sections. Learning easy topics will give you more self-confidence in the subject. It will further motivate you to gain good scores. Solving the easy geometric problems will further make your task easier even in the case of tough problems.

vi.)    Spend some time in doing other activities

Geometry is the subject which needs continuous practice. While doing geometry homework, you should take regular breaks in between. You should take a long walk in the park or garden, listen to music, and watch TV for some time. You can read some interesting books to refresh the mind. It will give you more energy to practice geometry problems.

vii.)    Take the help of a tutor

It is advisable to take help from tutors or academic writers who can give you special tips and tricks. They will help you with their expert tips from geometry basics to even the toughest geometry concepts. They will provide you study material and notes which will help you in understanding the concepts better and in depth.

Difficulties faced in Geometry

There are numerous problems faced by students in Geometry. They are as under:

  • Complicated concepts

Students get lots of problems in high school geometry. There are lots of formulas, theorems, and steps in different problems. The formulas of one problem may merge with another and students do not get an idea of the application. It becomes tough for the students to prove the formulas.

  • Numerous formulas

There are many formulas in geometry to be remembered. Students have to remember them all during the exams and also to learn new geometry lessons. Every problem in the subject includes formulas which are interconnected with each other. So, if you have one geometric problem, you need to apply many formulas to arrive at the solution.

  • Students do not get good marks

All the geometry lessons are interrelated to each other. One wrong step in the geometric problem will give the wrong answer at the end. Every step is the problem has marks and students fail to get good marks in the exams. This is the reason why many students fail in geometry exams.

  • Lack of practical knowledge

To score well in geometry, it is necessary to practice the geometry problems every day. You can also refer math question with answers for gaining a better knowledge of the subject. By practicing more geometric problems, you can know the application of various geometry theorems and formulas in the sums. But, the real scenario is that most of the students find geometry math boring and so, they do not practice the sums. As a result, they do not understand where to apply the theorems and formulas.

  • Lack of math base

Geometry is mainly a portion of math. So, in order to be good at geometry, it is important to first learn math basics. From geometry shapes to the most difficult problems, you should have the idea of application of mathematical formulas. But these days, there are many schools which do not teach geometry basics to the students. Lack of basic geometry lessons is the main reason why students find this subject difficult.

  • Affordable thing

Geometry needs extra coaching classes by well-educated teachers. This is quite an expensive thing which many students cannot afford. This will further bring them lots of problems in the exams.

  • Uninteresting subject

One of the major reasons why many students find geometry boring is that they do not know where to apply the formulas in the geometry problems. Most of the high school students forget mathematical formulas which make the subject really boring. As a result, they cannot score good marks in the exams.

  • Lack of personal attention

Teachers should give personal attention to the students for teaching various geometry problems. But today, the schools have to complete a vast syllabus in the limited time. So, the students do not get enough attention due to which they find difficult to solve geometry sums in exams also.

6 Benefits of learning Geometry

Though geometry is a boring subject, it is still used in many fields. There are many benefits of learning geometry lessons. They are as under:

A.    Early schooling

Solving geometry common core problems will develop the skills of spatial reasoning and you can face the problems wisely. In case of tough situations, you can find different solutions. Further, learning geometry shapes which will give you an idea of the relationship between solids and shapes.

Solving geometry problems .png

    High schooling

Learning geometry lessons will make you more logical. It will give you the power to give more reasons. It will develop the skills of deductive reasoning and analytical reasoning. It will also enhance foundational skills.

Learning geometry lessons.png

    Video games

Geometry basics are applicable in both the development of video games and computer programs. Further, geometry is also used in robotics and processing.

D.    Architecture

The architects have to apply the geometry angles in their field every day. It is also used in the making of CAD programs. Designing the residential complexes and commercial offices requires the application of geometry basics.

E.    Space

The measurement between the location of solar systems, stars and galaxies involve geometry basics. The scientists also used geometry lessons to measure the journey of the vehicle between earth and Mars. Geometry has also been an important tool for NASA scientists.

Geometry importance .png

    Geographical locations

3 coordinates are required to measure the location in global positioning systems. The satellite with GPS system also has the applications of geometry lessons.

Additionally, geometry also plays an important role in computer graphics, cartography, astronomy, video game programming, nanotechnology, virtual reality creation, and others.

Benefits of leanring Geometry.png

It is through geometry lessons that robots are able to see the persons and things around them. It is geometry which helps the computer designers to build virtual reality.

9 Tips to get good marks in geometry exams

There are some golden tips which you should follow to gain a good score in geometry exams. They are as under:

1.) Attend all the classes without fail

To become a master in high school geometry, you should attend every class without aAttend math class.png skip. You should ask doubts to teachers and get them cleared. You can have a look at the chapters which are to be taught in the next class for a little idea. You can also find big ideas math geometry answers on the internet for better understanding.

2.) Create a group

Studying with a group of best buddies is also better than studying alone. When it is subject like geometry, you will certainly need a groups friends to help you in learning geometry angles and other problems. Asking a Create a group.pngteacher may be difficult for you but asking a friend is definitely not. You can ask your friends to clear your doubts and you can solve their queries as well. You can also take geometry homework help from friends.

3.) Regular geometry homework

This is, in fact, one of the most important things you should do to excel in the subject. Doing geometry homework regularly will help you in knowing every concept better. The homework is nothing but a revision of the geometry lessons which are taught in the previous class. You can learn all the geometry lessons more precisely. You go through math questions with answers along with some homework.

4.) Draw geometry shapes and angles often

Geometry is basically a subject of shapes and angles. To solve each geometry problem, it is necessary to create a picture of what is asked in the question. Drawing the To solve geometry problem.pngdiagrams of angles and shapes will help you in knowing the properties of shapes. You can get a clear idea of the relationship between various angles and shapes. You should regularly practice drawing geometry shapes for solving even the complex problems.

5.) Reviews the lessons often

Geometry exams are nothing less than a form of stress and depression. Many students feel upset to appear in geometry exams. To remove the fear of geometry, it is necessary for the students to practice the subject every day. Those who skip geometry practice often fail in exams. So, you should review all the notes given in the classes and go through every book of geometry. This practice will prepare you for the exams well in advance and you can get good grades in exams.

6.) Use protractor wisely

A protractor is one of the most important geometry tools which you should use in measuring angles. You can draw different geometry angles using a protractor. Do not forget to carry protractor in the exam as you will need to draw geometry shapes and angles more perfectly. 

7.) Take extra coaching of geometry

You should find an experienced online math tutor for gaining mastery in the subject. You can find the math tutors on the internet, newspaper or brochures. You can also ask your school teacher to pay attention to the areas where you are finding difficulties.

8.) Learning geometry basics

Geometry is the subject where the problems are interrelated to one other. The Learning geometry basics.pngtheorems, formulas, and rules are repeated in the very problem. There are some of the most vital geometry basics which you should remember. They include Euclid’s 4 postulates of geometry, Pythagorean Theorem, properties of lines, identification of symbols, different types of angles, various types of triangles and complementary and supplementary angles.

9.) Solve easy questions first

While appearing in geometry exams, you should have a glance at the full paper. This will make your job easier and simpler to pick the simple questions first. You should first solve the easy geometry problems and then solve the difficult ones.


Geometry is the subject of fun but can be boring if you do not learn geometry basics thoroughly. So, there are the best tips and tricks to learn the subject in an excellent manner. It will help you in doing geometry homework and other problems within a short period of time. So now, follow these tips and become geometry master.