Teaching styles

Teaching styles

Teaching is a noble profession. A teacher plays an essential role in each student’s life as like their parents. However, it is a fact that not everyone can be a teacher. This is a Teaching stylesreason despite having lots of knowledge about the thing some teachers cannot teach efficiently as compared to the teacher having common knowledge about the things. The teaching style of a teacher has all the power either to make students love the subject or hate is completely. Online tutor is a recent trend, and good teaching style helps to for effective teaching. 

Effects of teaching style on learning

Teaching style does matter a lot when it comes to the tutoring. Knowledge does not equal the ability to teach. Here teaching technique becomes essential to make the student understand what to teaching them. It makes the significant impact on learning through online teaching website. A dedicated teacher having good teaching skill can gradually improve learning outcome. 

If the teacher uses a teaching style which does not care about the understanding of learner, then it is hard for learners to connect new knowledge and skills taught by teachers. Teaching is worth if a learner understand what teacher trying to deliver. Following proper teaching aids and putting exceptional skills in teaching improves learning capabilities of the students. A proper teaching skill includes the explanation, discussion, summarization and questioning during the session. Using proper teaching skill helps in improving capabilities of the students and makes them active during an online tutoring session.

These are different teaching styles

1. Lecture style (Authority)

This teaching style represented teacher-centric approach and called as one side presentation. A lecture style is suitable teaching skill for higher education where the students can capture the speed of teaching. It is well suitable for tutoring services as well as online private tutoring. Lecture style is good for the subjects like history and political science where it is necessary to remember important dates and facts. Due to the limited interaction between teacher and student lecture teaching style is not suitable for school going, students. This is adopted by different types of tutoring like home tutors, online tutors, and private tutor. 

2. Coach style (Demonstrator)

In coach style, various presentations, activities, and demonstrations are included. This is a reason it is also called as a demonstrator. Students can get all necessary information they wish to know. It is well-suited teaching style for the subjects like mathematics, science, art, and music where detail knowledge about the subject matters a lot. Through, coaching type teaching style one can avail step-by-step information regarding the lesson and it is beneficial for every age group.

3. Activity style (Facilitator)

This is activity based teaching style which involves both side communication between student and teacher. It improves the capacity of students for self-learning and enhances their ability to think from every aspect of the thing. It increases knowledge of the students about particular subjects and they also adopt the habit of critical thinking. Activity style encourages students to ask more questions and to find a suitable answer through exploration. It is an ideal teaching style for the subjects like science which where knowledge about recent trends is necessary.

4. Group style (Delegator)

Group style is another excellent teaching style ideal for the subjects like chemistry and biology where discussion, debate and creative writing is necessary. This type of teaching style involves various lab activities and presents the information-based learning style suitable for online tutoring. In this method, a student works achieving the same result, and it can be classy group work. Here teacher works like the guide, and it is an advanced style of teaching.

5. Blended style (Hybrid)

Blended teaching style is a superb combination of the knowledge and interest of the teacher and requirement of the students. In this style, a teacher gets more chance to explore their understanding blending with their style. Apart from the few issues, it is good teaching style when it comes to a private tutor and home tutor.

How to adopt effective teaching style

Teaching style defines the ability of a teacher to deliver information efficiently. It represents your value towards the education and philosophy you hold about the education.  Knowing how your students learn can also play a key role in your teaching style. If a teacher can discover his/her teaching style early on in their career, both students and teacher will be benefited from it. You should know accurately what your teaching preferences are and know just how to reach your students learning preferences. These are some helpful steps for a teacher to adopt right teaching style.

1. Give real world examples of daily lifestyle

When students correlated with the real world example, they understand the subject well. Students usually capture the information better when it is linked to daily life. It makes aware of things included in everyday life and its application. 

2. Talk about the things

An informative discussion about various topics always helps the student to think more about the subject. It improves their capacity to understand the thing from every aspect. Apart from this it also sharpens the memory of students.

3. Include question-answer session

Try to include a short session of question and answer in classroom teaching. It improves knowledge of the students as well as their capacity to think differently. Ask them the questions and let them think from their aspects. It will challenge their potential and surely will boost their knowledge regarding the things.

4. Connect with student

Try to focus on every student while teaching. A few words of appreciation make students feel privileged. It will improve the eager of students to attend the class frequently.

5. Focused Teaching

The teachers always should focus on the students who are suffering from low potential and low knowledge which will give the productive output of the classroom.

6. Don’t forget to take feedback

Feedback helps you to know how the student feels about your teaching style, either you are meeting their expectations or not and what changes you have to make in your teaching style to meet their expectations. Feedback is a great tool necessary to include during every session to improve your performance.

Teaching is an ideal profession instead we can say it as a notable service. A teacher should have the passion for adequately exploring new thing. Adoption of teaching skills helps a teacher to deliver the knowledge efficiently, and it also helps the students to gain the knowledge according to their capacity. Proper teaching styles always represent excellent skills of the teacher and play the crucial role in the education system.