Teaching is an Art or Science

Teaching is an Art or Science

Teaching contains two major concepts of learning, the Art and the Science. In teaching, the Art is defined as “the product of creating human activity in which material is shaped or selected to convey an idea, emotion or in a visually interesting form”. This describes exactly what a teacher does. While in teaching, science is defined as, “a study of anything that can be tested, examined or verified”. The teacher is always studying the situation and examining what they can do. Teaching is hence both, an Art and Science.

Teaching requires both art and science. They both play role on each other, because if a teacher demonstrates only one of these types of teaching, they cannot do effective teaching. 

Teaching as an Art

Teaching as an Art exhibits ways in which the teacher uses creative ways to teach the students and so the students find it to be fun and interesting to learn. It is alleged that, even though when using artistic methodology to teach the students, the teachers must know the subject themselves and research the material well before they begin to teach.

As a teacher, they need to determine the methods and strategies that work best for them. Teachers are not standardized products. What works for one teacher, might not work for another. Thus, all the teaching strategies a teacher learns, should be adopted and adapted to meet particular teaching situation and their personal teaching style. A teacher must carve out their own teaching philosophy and discover their own unique talents and learn how to use them.

Teaching is a Science

Teaching is a Science demonstrates ways in which the teacher may employ a more logical approach to deliver the material to the students. It is a sort of traditional way of teaching in which teachers teach their class. An example of this could be a teacher lecturing their class on the topic being discussed. This type of teaching tends to be monotonous and boring and the teacher faces a harder time keeping the student’s attention. However, any type of teaching needs a scientific background or base.

Teaching is a Science as the teachers collects data by observing to see if the learning is taking place and how the students can best learn. Much like scientists, teachers experiment with new strategies or techniques to see how they work.

Teaching as an art and science

For effective teaching, a teacher must integrate both Art and Science while teaching in the classroom. The teacher who doesn’t apply scientific knowledge to teach the students, runs the risk of using the methods and principles of ineffective teaching. If a teacher is able to balance both Art and Science, it will make it easier for the students to learn and assimilate the information while keeping their attention.

Thus, a teacher cannot be called efficient unless he / she is able to incorporate both the Art and Science of teaching. To be an effective teacher, one must not only stay abreast of the latest research and findings in the field of education, but they must also continually practice the art of applying this information. Hence, it can be concluded from the above that teaching is both, an Art and Science.