Online Maths Help and Resources

Online Maths Help and Resources

Maths is an interesting subject for many students. However, for the few, understanding the mathematical equations and theorems is a nightmare. Students are often found confused with mathematical techniques. They juggle through developing mathematical concepts such as geometrical proofs, logarithms, and deviation. The struggle is so much hard for them that they began to lose interest in the subject.

To keep the student interest intact, there are many new ways developed by the educational organization. Many educational portal and sites have developed educational games through which learning has become fun and easy. Games like "SumDog" and "Skoolbo" help students learn maths while playing. Students can log in to these education- cum- gaming sites and start playing games and understand the concept in fun way.

Not just Games, the institutes have come up with interesting videos, audios, and graphics that comprehend the concept in the most easy way. All these are available 24*7 online for the students. Students can visit and revisit these online portals, as and when they need, to learn and revise the concept.

For students, though, the thorough, research we have developed a list of available online resources for maths. These educational sites provide resources in the form of videos and audios. Some of them help through Homework while some just provide problems to practice. But, surely,  If students learn maths through these sites, they will surely start enjoying the subject

List of Online Maths Resource

For mathematical concept development, here, is a list of few sites that explains the concept in the most easy way:-

1. AAA Math

This site provides many interactive sessions. It covers almost every arithmetic concept such as addition, equations, fraction and estimations etc. Students can sort the subject topics according to their educational level. The students from the Kindergarten to the eighth-grade level can learn maths in a fun way through this site.

2. Aplus Maths 

This sites is mainly for the K-as grades students, thus covering only those topics which are relevant to their maths curriculum. To make maths interesting, the site has flashcards and games. The site also offers maths homework help to the students.

3. Maths Reference Table 

This mainly includes, general maths, algebra, and geometry. This is good to learn, number notation, addition, fraction and measurements. The added advantage of this site is that it can be translated into the Spanish language, Thus helpful for Spanish students as well.

4. Elementary Mathematics 

The site has been developed and organized grade wise with the understanding that each grade requires a different kind of conceptual understanding. For Example, Grade 1 curriculum mainly focuses on basic math operations such as addition, subtraction, and multiplication. Where as the course of grade 5 includes graphs, angles, and dispersion.

Educational Math Games Online  

1. Cool Math Games

The site is full of challenging math games. These games help students strengthen their skills utilized in mathematics concepts such as number, logic, strategy, and memory.

2. Funbrain

This is another gaming site for the mathematics learners. It has arcade games with maths as a base. The games like maths baseball make it interesting for the students to practice maths.

3. Math Playground 

Helps to unfold different levels of mathematics in a fun way by way of games. This is best to practice Cartesian coordinates with Zogs and Gecko game.

4. Online Math Learning 

This site has innovated different mechanism of learning maths for the students. On this site students learns maths through video games rather than the conventional way of learning.

Algebra Resources

1. Algebasics

The basic maths concepts such as basic algebra, ratio, and proportion, absolute values etc. are explained through fun videos. The videos keep engaging students actively throughout with the fun elements. 

2. Algebra-Class

It mainly focuses on helping students with the equations. Students can learn, writing, solving and graphing various equations along with inequalities and exponentials.


It helps students on the equation, simplification, distribution and trinomial etc. The site offers students with easy mathematics tips and study help.

4. College-Cram

The drop-down on the site provide a various choice from algebra to practice. The features, problem-solving options, worksheets, quizzes, flashcards and concept videos.

 Geometry Resources

1. Class Zone

The site is best for those who find it difficult to learn geometry. It includes basic geometry with the theorems and their proofs, along with circles, surface area, volume, and transformation etc.


This offers free geometry worksheets that students can print and practice on. It also has answer keys for middle school and high school students curriculum.

3. Math League 

This site clearly defines the basic concept such as angles, polygons, area, perimeter, and coordinates etc.

4. SparkNotes 

As the name suggests provides notes that are very easy to understand and retain. They are defined in so simple way that anyone can learn the difficult concept with ease. It has all – theorems, proofs, for example, practice question – that a student requires developing the subject understanding.

Trigonometry Resources

1. Dave’s Short Trig Course:

This site covers sixteen topics listed in its ‘table of content’. The site has been developed such that students can easily navigate through and learn the concept in the most easy way. 

2. S.O.S. Mathematics: Trigonometry 

This site is known for covering almost each and every concept of the subject in the most easy way. It has detailed explanation about the subject, supported by relevant examples.

3. Trigonometry Help  

It provides the comprehensive resource for the Trigonometry students. The basic concepts are explained in details with diagrams and graphs. It also showcases a brief history of the subject and how to pick right tutor for the subject.

Resources on Differential Equations

1. Interactive Differential Equations

This site covers all the topics in relation to the differential equation. It has content on boundary value problem, Fourier series, and various order differential equations. The uniqueness of this site is it is very interactive and actively engages the visitor.

2. S.O.S. Mathematics: Differential Equations 

This site provides study help on the first-order differential equation and second order differential equation. It also covers topics such as Laplace Transform and Fourier series.

Pre-Calculus Resources

1. CliffNotes: Pre-calculus 

This site is for learning, inverse functions, composing function and exponential functions. Students facing difficulty in understanding, relation and function can also check this site. It has detailed information on the subject.

2. Graphing Calculator Help

This is an extension of Prentiss Hall’s website. The portal helps the students select one calculator from the various one and teaches how to use it to solve the problems.

3. Texas Instruments

This site has been equipped with the tutorial explaining how to use graphing calculators. It has practice problem sets and test devices for the students.

4. Tulyn: Math For All –

This mainly focuses on delivering learning through videos, worksheets and problem solutions. This also has interactive discussion panel where students can ask their specific queries in relation to the subject.

Calculus Resources

1. Calculus Help

This site provides the explanation of concepts like chain rule, Simpson’s Rule, and integration.  It has calculus tools such as the anti-derivative calculator, limit calculator, summation calculator etc. 

2. Calculus-Help  

This site provides students with audio tutorials on Limits and continuity etc. It provides the solution to the problems with some learning tips.

3. The Calculus Page

It offers step by step solution to the calculus problems on derivatives, exponents, and logarithm etc. It has the glossary of terms which define the different concept which students can go through as and when required.

4. S.O.S. Mathematics: Calculus

It gives the detailed explanation to the maths students about the sequence, series, integration, etc, with the help of examples. For practicing it provides problems that students can do, to know how well they have understood the concept.

5. Visual Calculus

As the name suggests, this site imparts learning through the way of visual such as videos graphics and animation. It also covers the wide range of calculus topics like sequence and series, limits and integration. Etc. 

Apart from study resources for the various concept development, there are many online sites that are providing help to the students with their Homeworks.  Completing the Homework and college assignment at times become very challenging for the students. To ease their burden, there are many organizations that are providing homework solutions to the students. Few of them are

1. PhotoMath

The app provides the student with step-by-step solution for their math’s questions. The students can post their questions in the form of photo and get the solution to the difficult homework questions.

The app is great for offering study help to the students. However, the educators are unhappy with this, as they believe this is not assisting students but hampering their learning by providing ready solutions.

2. Wolfram Alpha

Like PhotoMath, this app also provide solutions to the math’s questions posted by the students. The college students widely use this app for getting solutions for their difficult questions on topics such as vector and  differential equations. Unlike, the PhotoMath, this is a paid app, that is, students have to pay nominal fees to get answer

3. Myscript Calculator

It is available for both iOS and Android compatible devices. This app is good who have practice of writing down equation on pen and paper rather than framing it into calculator. The app comes with handwriting recognition mechanism, which understands the handwritten transcript and evaluate it for the user. The system is good for arithmetic, trigonometric, and logarithm.

4. Mathspace

This app has been introduced to replace the physical textbook with the digital books. These books have detailed explanation with an interactive session for engaging students for long. At present app has 20000 maths problem that students can practice. This app provides adaptive learning with feedbacks. It covers almost all mathematics topics, such as, algebra, geometry, graphing and statistics. It covers the complete curriculum of Australia, US and UK students. Students can take advantage of this app through minimum subscription of $7.99.

5. Mathway

It is a free app for both iOS and Android devices. The app is not just a math calculator but also a teacher as it does not showcase just the answer but also the steps through which solution has been derived. This helps students understand the calculation of the problem. Though the app is free, however it charge monthly rental of $20 for step-by-step solution. 

6. Free Graphing calculator

It is iOS free graphing calculators for the algebra students. Students can put their equations and get the graph instantly. For Andriod users the app is called Algeo Graphing calculator.

7. MathRef

This is iOS and Andriod enabled app which has compiled all the math formula at one place. It is said that the app has more than 1400 math formula that students can refer at the time of solving the math question. The app can be used with a minimum pay of $2.99. The formulas on algebra, calculus, trigonometry all at one place make it easy for the students to learn.

The technological advancement has revolutionized the way of learning. The education can now be attained everywhere and anywhere through online mode. Many organization are students help in their learning by providing resources, guiding and advising as and when required via online platforms. Some of these institutes have innovated the whole process of learning. They have developed videos and audios to make learning easy and fun, for the students. Many others have animated the concept to make them interesting. Some of them have really gone ahead and developed games, based on the subject, for practicing. By means of the game, the students don't lose interest in the subject and keep involve till the end.  This way of learning is slowly and steadily making the conventional lecturer based training redundant.