Maths calculation tips

Maths calculation tips

Speed can be a major game changer in exams demanding quick solutions. Good command over calculation helps to decrease the time required to solve the problems. Here we are sharing few ideas to boost your calculation speed. Hope it will be helpful for you

1. Maths concepts clarification

A.) Visualize

As well as we know visual effects last longer, you should visualize the example first instead of doing it. It will help you to identify the pattern and thus develop tricks of your own. 

B.) Decide

Understand the category of problem. For better understanding, your basics fundamentals should be clear which will help you to analyze the problem and decide corresponding formula or method to solve. 

C.) Execute

Solve the problem by applying suitable tricks and techniques.

2. Do mental maths practice

  • Develop and maintain tendency of playing with numbers. Pick any random number and do basic operations in mind. Start with simple operations like addition, subtraction, and divide.
  • Essential of mental calculation is digital fluency, and the practice and determination can achieve that.
  • Do some mental mathematics yoga in the morning. Morning practice can help you to achieve the highest efficiency. Wake up early in the morning and try to solve few tricky examples it might seem hard at the beginning, but slowly you can proceed to the best level. 

3. Simplify the maths problem

  • When you are confronted with a complicated math calculation, try to find a way to simplify the problem. For quick calculation break numbers to the nearest round figure, it will easy to calculate.
  • For a big math problem, you can split it into the small parts. It will help you to solve faster with more accuracy. 
  • Being approximate is fine in the early stage. Use approximation techniques for solving complex problems, which will prove more convenient for you to save time and helps you to increase the speed.

4. Memories maths fundamentals

By heart, the essential basics like tables up to 30, square up to 30, cubes up to 20, cube roots, square roots and fraction tables (1/n). Grasping this all essential data will help you to achieve numerical frequency. The Best practice to memories essential basics is to write it at least three times daily and it will better if you do it in the morning. 

5. Master maths formulas

Learn and memories basic rules, formulas and understand methods of algebra, geometry, and fractions. Many questions are right formula based, and it will be helpful to get an answer quickly if you have good command over methods. 

6. Math Tutors

A math tutor can also help you to solve math trick questions and guide you how you can improve your speed. There is some useful tutoring site Queryfloor helps you to boost your calculation speed. Maths tutor provides you good puzzles, tricks, and techniques to know how to tickle with the challenging problem quickly. 

7. Maths practice more

  • Practice is a key in mathematics. Efficiency comes with practice. Regularly practice solving problems at least for an hour.
  • Start with simple and slowly proceed to intermediate level. Only with the right amount of practice, one can see real improvement in one’s calculation speed. 

8. Include maths calculations in your everyday life

Mathematics can be fun if you involve it in your daily life. Try some fun tricks to improve your speed of calculation such as 

  • Observe cricket score and perform basic operations like calculating an average, additions, and multiplication. 
  • While traveling, you can count car numbers and divide or multiply by cars you saw it would be helpful to boost your mental maths. 
  • Observe companies balance sheet and try to find an average.

9. Learn short maths calculation tricks 

Take help of Vedic mathematics to get some quick and easy tricks to solve problems quickly. You can get various videos and articles of Vedic mathematics from Google or YouTube. Learn little tricks for the practice and determination can achieve that addition, subtraction and multiplication operations. For an example :-

  • Turn multiplication problems into addition using the distributive property. 
  • Use double and halve method to calculate square number faster. 
  • Apply 11 times trick for faster multiplication
  • Exploit factorization to perform division quickly. 
  • Take proper guidance from math tutors in terms to achieve better efficiency as well as speed.

10. Challenge yourself 

You may find it tough to attend speed in the initial stage, but with self-motivation and determination, you can improve your skills. Increase your practice time; morning session is ideal to improve calculation speed. Take help of timer to practice various modules depending upon your calculation speed.