How to learn math

How to learn math

Be its primary school, high school or college, and math is one of those subjects that has been responsible for giving students nightmares on a regular basis. How to learn mathHowever, what many students fail to realize that if you get the logic right, it is one of the most exciting and enjoyable subjects one can study. There is a lot more to math than just complicated calculations and puzzling equations. With some practice and smart techniques, there is absolutely no reason for you to be nervous before a math test in your school or college.

Basics To Learn Math:

By basics, we do not mean basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Although they are the building blocks of the subject and have the highest priority, here, by basics we mean the steps, you need to follow at first before you actually start to dive into the depths of the subject itself. Here are some tips to get you started.How to learn math

1. Be Present in Your Math Class

Until and unless it is an unavoidable situation such as an emergency or sickness try to attend all math classes. Being absent on this subject is going to affect you more than any other. You can cope with subjects like social sciences by thoroughly reading the textbooks and with the help of just a little bit of an explanation, but math is something that requires a detailed explanation by an expert. 

Even though your friends are willing to help you out it will never be the same as a full-fledged class. No matter how deeply you read from the textbook, you will never be able to get a complete overview of a particular topic as you get when you are attending a class.

Come to the Math class a little early before the prescribed time. This way you are ready with your books, notebooks, calculators, stationery or your geometry box before the class starts. This will save you the trouble of assembling all your stuff when the teacher begins the lesson. If you leave the settling and arranging for the last moment, you risk the chances of lagging behind in a class. Moreover, as we all know, once a student lags behind in a math class it is twice as difficult to cope up as it is with any other subject.

If due to some unfortunate circumstances such as severe illness, you miss a class or two, speak to a teacher for extra lessons or get a studious friend to help you out in such covering up math lessons.

How to study maths easily
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2. Stay With Your Teacher's Pace

As stated earlier it is not a good idea to lag behind in a math class. Most of the math teachers work out the problems in front of the students. If the same is the case with your teacher take this to your advantage and solve the problems alongside her. Don't blindly copy down whatever she is writing on the board. 

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Take notes in a proper fashion. They will help you remember the concepts for a longer time, and this practice would make revisions a lot easier for you. Don't just write the questions and their solutions. Also, jot down the process of solving a problem. This will save you the extra effort of figuring things out when you open your notebook to study. 

Clarify any doubts immediately. Math is not a subject to wait until the end of the class to clear out queries. Since each step is crucial for solving a problem, your mind has to be clear at all stages. Also, volunteer to answer a question if you know the answer. This is a great confidence booster, and it also raises you in the sight of your teacher. This way your teacher thinks that you are a bright student and she will naturally extend a helping hand toward you once she knows you are a sincere student.

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3. Try to Finish Your Homework As Soon As Possible

When you complete your homework the same day that it has been assigned, the concepts become clearer, and they are fresh in your mind. It also gives you a nice practice of what you studied in class, and ultimately a topic or two are fully prepared. If you delay your homework, then you have to work harder with the same thing over and over again, and that is not an efficient way to study. Even if you are not able to finish your homework the same day at least make sure that you complete it How to learn mathbefore the next class. That way you can note down any doubts and clarify them with your teacher in the next class. 

4. Stay Active Outside The Classroom

It is not likely for a teacher to clear all the doubts in a single class and that too when there are so many students she has to focus on. In such cases, sometimes the queries remain unresolved which can prove to be fatal during exam time if left as it is. Make sure you reach out to your instructor or mentor during her free time to clear any lingering doubts. 

5. Joining a Study Group or a Math Group

If a study group comprises of brilliant and sincere students, then it can be of great help to each member. Try to join groups that consist of students who get higher grades than you. This will help you in raising your standard and who knows? You might end up with better grades than usual! Although there is one thing that has to be kept in mind. If you already score the highest grades, it is better to be in a group where at least some of the student members score equal to you. It is okay to help out a classmate who does not score well but refrain from being a part of a math group in which all the members score less than you.

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5 Tips To Improve Your Math Score:

If you are following the steps as advised above to learn math and still not getting grades as per your expectations, don't get disheartened. It is an indication that you need a few extra efforts and some smart Math tricks to make your scores reach the heights you want them to. Let us take a look at some Math tips and tricks that will help you improve your score in math.

5 tips to improve your math score
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1. Check maths number patterns

Math is not a simple subject that you can just by heart. It is something that requires persistence and constant practice. If you find yourself stuck at multiple problems, try to look for Math patterns that make it easy to remember how to solve a Math problem. You cannot make out these patterns if you are a mere observer. Reading tonnes of books will not get you there. If you really wish to excel, make a commitment, sit for a few hours and be entirely devoted to solving math problems. When you are consistent with your work, you will begin to find patterns that are followed in multiple topics and math will not seem such a nightmare. This practice will simplify the math you are studying and enable you to enjoy the subject.

Maths number patterns
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2. Utilize The Connections

When you figure out various patterns, you will also notice that these patterns tend to connect problems to each other. In math, the solution lies within the problem itself. You just have to be witty enough to figure out the connections. Once you do, solving math problems will be a child's play for you. So, pick up your math practice worksheets and get going!

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3. Differentiate Between Studying and Cramming

Most of the students only start studying when the exams are near. Well, technically, that is not studying. The word is 'cramming.' When you are under a lot of pressure instead of understanding the concept you tend to mug up the problem-solving process. It might help you in the short term but as the course increases you start forgetting even the simplest of the concepts. Therefore it is necessary to realize the difference between studying and cramming. When you study you understand the concept. When you cram, you just memorize the procedures which are not efficient practices as far as math is considered.

How to learn math

4. Teaching Other Students

When you repeat what you understand, the knowledge is further absorbed by your brain. Find someone who is struggling with a math problem. Teach your classmate and give him some puzzles or math-related issues to practice. This way you lock in your own knowledge and skills and help out a fellow student. Remember, you can practice and practice, but nothing can have such a positive impact on your knowledge as teaching. This way you raise your own standards, and not to forget, teaching someone else also increases your problem-solving speed drastically. You can also make use of online math help.

5. Taking a Math Test Frequently

Increase your frequency of appearing for various math tests. Yes, the class tests and school assessments are not enough if you wish to excel. You need to give some extra time at home too. There are various math websites that provide sample papers and also allow you to take as many mock tests you wish to appear online. You can also join some classes outside of school where regular test series are held. Performing on a math test and mock examinations will help you sharpen up your math skills. Tests are the best way to practice a subject as logical as math. Math practice worksheets can help you out in the long run. Online math courses and math lessons can also help you learn math online. 

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How to be an expert in maths

Now, since you have mastered the basics and learned how to improve your grades, it is time to learn how to be an expert in math. If you follow the below-mentioned steps, not only will you excel in your class and have a working understanding of math but you will also rise a level where only a few people reach.

1. Stay Calm for Math Practice

Even if you are stuck at a problem do not lose your temper. Stay calm, and the solution will come to you. If you become restless due to a minor difficulty, it would pose other issues for you.

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2. Math Games and Math Activities

Instead of downloading those car and bike racing games on your smartphone, make space for math games and math activities. Making a subject a part of your fun time is the best way to increase your understanding. You can perform these activities alone or play some math games with your study buddies with the help of math websites. After all, math practice in any way never goes in vain.

How to learn math

3. Master The Math Formula

In math, if you know the formulae you know half the subject. Write down the formulae topic wise in a systematic manner and learn them up. Apart from learning math formulas, it is also important to remember them so that you can apply them whenever required. Dedicate a particular time of the day to revise the formulae, and you will notice a huge difference in just a few days. This practice will really help you master the math algebra. 

Master the Math formula
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4. Honesty

This principle applies to every subject equally. Never cheat when it comes to taking a test. This way you deprive yourself of any scope for improvement. 

5. Cover Up Missed Work On Time

Even though you might be a sincere and a regular student, but sometimes some unfortunate circumstances arise causing you to miss an important class. If it happens, try to make up for the damage as soon as possible by covering up the lessons on time, if possible, before the next class. A math tutor online will of equally great help.

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6. Find a Tutor After School Or a Math Tutor Online

Online Tutors and home tutors are not merely for students who are weak in math. Besides attending classes regularly at school, you can find a tutor outside of school to brush up the concepts and stick to a schedule. How to learn math

7. Make a Routine

Once you decide that you are going to dedicate a certain duration of the day to math, your progress begins. When it comes to studies, especially solving your math worksheets and math problems, regularity always pays off in the long run.

8. Concentrate

Just like every other subject math requires your utmost attention and focus. When you sit down to study or solve problems make sure that you have kept away all distractions such as social media, phone, internet, etc. Even if you have to use the internet, do it only for study purposes in that particular duration. Online platforms such as Mathworks can be of great help in order to learn math online.

Meticulous attempts always bear fruit once to decide to give this subject your utmost concentration. Math sure requires more diligence, dedication, and devotion than most of the other subjects. But once you stick to a routine and give persistent efforts there is no reason you can’t be an expert. 

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