How to decide whether your child needs tuition or not

How to decide whether your child needs tuition or not

When is it the time to look for a tutor’s help? Confused! Watch out these factors to determine whether or not your child requires a tutor.

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Consistently Dropping Grades:

If your child is getting bad report cards repeatedly or you have seen a sudden decline, in his / her test scores, then it is the time to look for a tutor. Queryfloor provides the services of online tutors who could help your child in his / her studies.

Struggling with studies:

If you notice your child is struggling with a specific subject or if you suspect there might be a learning disability, then you can seek assistance of Queryfloor’s tutors. Hiring a right tutor can assist your child to improve upon their studies and better understanding of subjects and they can keep pace with upcoming assignments and tests as well. A specialized tutor can present information in a way that is easier for a child to understand.

Being Consistently Confused:

If a child doesn’t understand the subject properly, then they may underperform in that particular subject. They may have trouble with the grade level expectations if the concepts are unclear to them. If your child consistently remains confused then, it is certain that the curriculum isn’t clear to him. Further, if your child repeatedly expresses anxiety about a test and gets defensive when you try to help, then these are sure shot indications that a tutor is the only one who could help them understand difficult concepts to ensure grade advancement.

Observable Lack of Motivation:

It’s a human nature to shy away from things that hurt us. A child stops trying hard to succeed in the exam if they are not doing well at school and this diminishes their self . Your job as a parent is to help them confront the reality of their failure. You as a parent can show them how they can overcome these tough challenges. A Queryfloor tutor in this case who has been teaching students of similar grades would be the best choice due to their experience in the subjects they teach.

Lacking Confidence:

If your child is feeling consistently depressed and saying that he/she cannot cope up with their studies and run and hide rather than asking for help, when you notice your child getting stuck in one or more subjects, then it is the time to see for that perfect tutor.

Decreasing Parental Supervision:

When parents take on additional commitments outside the family, it may be impossible to maintain the same level of tempo in the level of homework or help in their studies which they have been providing for their child. Also, as the child advances in their education, it becomes difficult to teach them at home. In any case, it is always not possible for a parent to manage a child’s study. Looking for a tutor can be a good idea if you know you aren’t going to have the time or energy to help your child with a difficult project or just homework.