How Queryfloor bonds the relationship between Tutor and Students

How Queryfloor bonds the relationship between Tutor and Students

Many students do not understand the school teacher's teachings, but after asking the teacher's questions like "Are you understanding?" they immediately respond to a “yes”. No student wants to respond that he does not understand the subject clearly. Perhaps, the students don’t want to feel humiliated that they can’t understand the things which are being explained to them even when they do not understand anything.

Online learning platform

Queryfloor provides the platform where the tutor bonds a good relationship with students so that the students don’t hesitate to ask which they don’t understand. The tutors in turn ask them questions in between to check whether the students are following things clearer. The students can also take a test at last to check their knowledge gained during the period.

Bonding between tutors and students  

Communication plays a very important role in the method of teaching. The communication between the tutors and the students serves as a bonding between the two which provides a better atmosphere for a good learning environment. The more the student connects or communicates with the tutor on Queryfloor, the more likely they will be able to help the students to learn at a high level and accomplish their goal quickly. The student has some expectations of their tutor and when they do not meet those expectations, then the student doesn’t take them seriously. The tutors should be serious and responsible for their teaching. There should be mutual respect and understanding between the tutor and the student.

Understand student's problems

To maintain discipline and respect among tutor and student, it is very necessary to have a good bonding between them. A tutor can have all the content and pedagogy, but the focus should be on creating a good bond with the student. Good communication between the tutor and the student makes teaching interesting from the point of view of the tutor and learning from a student. Once the tutor becomes aware of the student’s problems, they do good bonding with the students, thus making them more secure or less confused. The bonding between the tutor and the student serves as a connection between the two which helps to provide a better learning environment between the two. It has been seen that tutors who establish a strong bond with their students help them to perform better in their academics.

Build a good relationship 

In one of the research findings, it has been seen that the student’s understanding and academic achievement are influenced by the bonding of the teacher student relationship. Queryfloor helps to build a good relationship between the tutors and the students to teach at a high level and accomplish the course quickly. It is also important for a tutor to demonstrate an understanding of the student’s culture which will provide a good bonding and a sense of belonging among the tutor and the student.

The tutors at Queryfloor demonstrate respect towards their students, which automatically will help a student to win. A friendly interaction between the tutor and the student is extremely important in the process of learning. Interacting with the student about interesting topics can foster good learning process. Therefore, how does a tutor hold relationship with the student is equally important.